Classifier - Not pulling up 'per_image' in 'crea new filter'

Hi Everyone,

 I was playing around with classifier and trying to create a new filter manually. In searching the new filter popup it seems I can only only choose constraints from the per_image table, not per_object. Is this by design? The scatter plot gui shows that the per_object is making it in to CA and is correctly populated with good values.



This is by design, though in hindsight, for clarity, Filter perhaps should have been called ImageFilter. From the CPA Manual:

[quote]Image filters
The following fields (optional) specify a subset of the images in your experiment from which to fetch and score objects in Classifier. [/quote]

Filter was intended as a way to limit the search space of images (e.g. positive control images or wells) in which to select objects, but not to filter objects themselves.
You probably want to check out the Gate function in Scatterplot. If you REALLY want to, you could also construct a very strict Rule (Edit… -> Rule) that effectively filters out objects, but I don’t recommend this method.

From some old release notes Gates are defined as:

It is discussed here a bit more:

Good luck!