Classifier - Give list of objectID's bin

Hi Everyone,

In classifier is it possible to give it a list of pos/neg objectID’s from the larger image (after clicking an object) instead of pulling random ones up and visually searching? By looking at the entire image I can easily find the objects to classify but they are rather rare.


Answering my own question … I just noticed that you can grab onto the ROI box that appears when you hover over a recognized object and drag it into the class bin. Very Nice!


Indeed, you can classify objects directly from the whole image. However, we do caution you not to overuse this method. Your training set can become biased to a few images and thus the resulting classifier can become biased to those training images and not be robust across the whole population of objects.

One use case in which this method is recommended, or at least very useful, is when the penetrance of your phenotype is low, i.e. if you only have a few objects (that you know of!), perhaps in some positive control images, that display your phenotype. Then it is reasonable to use these positive controls for your training set in order to discover other, rare objects in your data that you may not have found otherwise.

Good luck!