Classifier display issues when using large cropping squares



My images were taken at a high enough magnification that in order to see more than just the nucleus, I have to set properties file value Width of Object Cropping Square to 100. When I do this and then start to accumulate a lot of cropped images in the positive cells and negative cells bins, the display get messed up to where I can’t see all of the images of classified cells or newly grabbed cells. I try to maximize the classifier window, but it just automatically resizes back down. I know this is probably just a minor bug that can be fixed in subsequent releases. For now, I may just go back to the microscope and try zooming out a little.



Hello Matt,

We have noticed this recently with large cropping sizes, too (> ~100 pixels). Our main CPAnalyst developer has been notified and has added it to the ToDo list. I don’t know of any workarounds at this point, other than, yes, resizing the originals. We will repost here as any fixes or workarounds arise.

Thanks for the feedback,