Classifier blank channels

I have four channels per image, which can all be seen individually or merged in the image viewer tool, but on the classifier tool, only two of my channels are appearing. Any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks very much for your help!


In Classifier, look in the menus at the top, one for each of your 4 channels. Are they all selected to display in color, and not “None”? This could happen if in your Properties file there is a line that is something like:

image_channel_colors = red,green,none,none

If not, make a sanity check in your properties file for these entries:
image_path_cols (Is the path valid?)
image_file_cols (Is the path+file valid?)
image_channel_colors (see above)
cell_x_loc (are the objects correct and do these columns exist in your database?)

Let us know if that helps.

Hi, thank you so much for your reply. I’ve made some progress with this, the channels were selected properly, but I think the issue was down to incorrect 1:1 matching between objects segmented in CP, and using object view (I now understand this was the wrong choice) - I don’t know why, but the object table was restricting object co-ordinates to a very small band at the top of the image, in which - due to an earlier alignment and image translation - the colour I wanted did not exist. Thanks again for your time.

Sounds good, thanks for replying.