Classification from multiple images

I wonder if I can create a classifier from multiple IF images.
If so, can you advise me how to do this, please?

Thanks a lot,

What kind of classifier are you creating? There are many options: QuPath Multiplex Classifier

If it is a trained classifier for the machine learning part of the program, you can either keep the training set as you move from image to image (you will be prompted), or create all the training regions in multiple images, and then use the “More” to access Rebuild training from project.

I usually wouldn’t advise this for IF since there are usually only a couple of values you are interested in for your cells anyway, but up to you!

Thanks for your advice.
I shall try QuPath Multiplex classifier as my images are from multiplex IF.

I shall let you know how it goes.

Thanks again,

In Hwa

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