Clarification on CellProfiler 2.2.0 & Matlab

Hi, I have been reading past posts about CellProfiler 2 no longer support Matlab integration. I am not sure if I have understand this properly, but what it means is CP2 can no longer support any mat files but can still do image analysis using Matlab with CP2?

If I understand you correctly, then its the opposite of what you mentioned. So to clarify, CP2 can read and write Matlab-files in mat-format. But you can not use your Matlab-based image analysis modules in CP2 anymore.

That being said, I have worked a bit on integrating CP1-modules into CP2, and have found a way how you can integrate everything except for the user interface code. If this is what you want to do, send me an email and we can take a look if it would work for you… :slight_smile:

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