CLAHE plugin working with stacks but only slice-wise

Dear ImageJ users and developers,

I’m looking for an implementation of the contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization (CLAHE) algorithm for a 3D image in the form of a stack of “slices” (2D images).

As long as I understand from the description of the CLAHE plugin for ImageJ and the example of its application to a stack or series of images provided at the plugin’s page, the plugin works on a slice-wise basis.

Since I work mainly with 3D (tomographic) images, I need to apply CLAHE considering 3D neighborhood regions for redefining the value of each voxel. The difference, in terms of results, between a slice-wise and a fully 3D application of the CLAHE contrast enhancement method may not always be so large. However, for certain images the loss of the 3D local voxel value ranges may affect the results significantly.

Did I understand correctly the CLAHE ImageJ plugin works, with stacks, only slice-wise?
Does anyone know of a fully 3D CLAHE implementation for ImageJ?

Thanks a lot in advance to anyone for any feedback.

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Hello @MicheleGriffa,

Yes, that plugin only works in 2D. You have a 3D implementation in Icy.

I hope this helps!


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