CLAHE implementation for imglib2

@bogovicj @fjug

Do you know whether there is a (3D) CLAHE implementation for imglib2?

I found some related links:

Somehow the latter link looks old…I cannot really judge it…Is there maybe a CLAHE Ops already? I also saw somewhere that there is a CLAHE in KNIME => it exists in imglib2?



I don’t know of one, sorry :-/

The reason you only found this in @fjug’s fork of ImgLib, not in the main ImgLib2 repository, is because the CLAHE implementation was removed from ImgLib for being “invalid”, as judging from this commit:

Unfortunately, the commit message doesn’t contain any explanation why the implementation is invalid, maybe @dietzc can enlighten us here.

Do you know how the Icy version of CLAHE is implemented?

This publication describes a 3D version of CLAHE, but I’m not sure how (in which framework/language) they implemented the algorithm.

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