CLAHE error & RELEASE_6 error

Hi all, I am running a macro that includes CLAHE. When I run it, the console always pops up with,

CLAHE_ not up-to-date because 1 source files are not up-to-date (C:\Users\lcsgl\AppData\Local\Temp\java3493581595447089112\src\main\java\

Meanwhile, this folder *\java3493581595447089112\src\main\java\ doesn’t exist…

Compiling 1 file in C:\Users\lcsgl\AppData\Local\Temp\java3493581595447089112
[-classpath, C:\Users\lcsgl\AppData\Local\Temp\java3493581595447089112\target\classes;C:\Users\lcsgl\Desktop\DESKTO~1\\plugins\3D_Blob_Segmentation-3.0.0.jar;C:\Users\lcsgl\Desktop\DESKTO~1\\plugins\3D_Objects_Counter-2.0.0.jar;C:\Users\lcsgl\Desktop\DESKTO~1\\plugins\3D_Viewer-4.0.1.jar;C:\Users\lcsgl\Desktop\DESKTO~1\\plugins\Algorithm_Launcher.jar;C:\Users\lcsgl\Desktop\DESKTO~1\\plugins\AnalyzeSkeleton_-3.1.2.jar;C:\Users\lcsgl\Desktop\DESKTO~1\\plugins\Anisotropic_Diffusion_2D-2.0.0.jar;C:\Users\lcsgl\Desktop\DESKTO~1\\plugins\Archipelago_Plugins-0.2.1.jar;. ...............etcetc all other plugins.........................

then this error also appears.

No available. Checking for explicit javac.
warning: Supported source version 'RELEASE_6' from annotation processor 'org.scijava.annotations.AnnotationProcessor' less than -source '1.8'
1 warning

I have updated Fiji and installed Java and this error started to occur. It wasn’t happening before. So I am not sure if it’s getting some filepath screwed up, if the installation of Java screwed it up…

Any help?

Sorry for the long delay in reply, @lcsglvr.

This error suggests that a file exists somewhere inside your Fiji installation’s plugins/. So the SciJava script framework is trying to execute that .java file as a script, which entails attempting to compile it… every time…

But the “Enhance Local Contrast” plugin (a.k.a. CLAHE) already ships with Fiji. Do you need this file? If so, can you compile it into a .class and place that in plugins instead, removing or renaming the .java file?

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