CIELAB space conversion



I have an RGB image which I want to convert into CIELAB space. I can do that in ImageJ using the .jar file VIB_-3.0.1.jar. However, when I perform the same procedure in Java Eclipse, it doesn’t give me the same stack of images. Any work-around by which I can get image converted to CIELAB space?

Note: I was not able to find a standalone .java file which converts RGB to CIELAB space. To bypass this, I extracted the RGB_to_CIELAB.class file from VIB_-3.0.1.jar and decompiled it to get its .java file. Luckily, there isn’t any dependency apart from a file which was taken care of. I have pinned a hyperlink for ‘’.


Just for completeness. Here are the converter plugins I know:


Unfortunately, these plugins don’t have RGB to CIELAB conversion.


There are well tested color conversion and calibration plugins at



Nice. Works like a charm.

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