Choosing output data for Trackmate

Hello everybody,
As the title says, I was wondering if it would be possible to show only some results when i click TrackMate’s ‘Analysis’ tab. Right now the table shows TrackID,speeds, location, etc… I would like it to just show the TrackID and mean velocities. Is this possible?


No, currently all features are always exported, this is hardcoded in and in, respectively:

But you might fork these classes and create your own Trackmate Action to export only a subset. Or it might be easier to just query the columns of interest via macro. That depends on what you’re trying to achieve…

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will have a look, but i have to say i am not the best at editing Java scripts :wink:

@Praveen Alternately, you could file an issue in the TrackMate repository. Like most of us, @tinevez is insanely busy, but at least then your wish will be documented somewhere.

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