Child object count for each parent object (not the mean)


I’m new here and I’ve found the program to be excellent.

I have a pipeline in cell profiler 2.0 that is working very well for counting foci per nuclei, however I can only seem to get the output of mean child object per parent- for each image.

The mean per image is not really any help for quantification (statistical analysis)- I really need the counts for each parent object (as these numbers will vary between images) before I can perform any analysis.

Is there a way to get values (number) of child objects for EACH parent object in each image- not the mean per image (in the exported data)?

Is that possible? Any help is much appreciated.

All the best,


Hi James,

In the per-object spreadsheet for the parent object, one of the measurements that are output is the per-parent child count. It should have the name Children__Count or something similar.


Hi Mark,

thanks! i knew it must have been there somewhere.

much appreciated.

keep up the great work!




hi James,

I don’t know if my problem is similar to yours.

I want per nuclei standard deviation from a measurement from IdentifyPrimaryObjectsModule. I only get the per image standard deviation. In the ExportToSpreadSheetModule, I check export all measurement type but I still don’t see what I want. Any ideas how to fix this?