Checking to make sure CP Developer's Versions is correct




I just downloaded and started to run the developers version of CP 1.0.4942. As I look in the Help menu>General Help I see the version appears to be 1.0.4684. The Version document that came with the download only goes up to Version 1.0.4884 and is not the same as the link on the CP homepage which lists stuff done for 1.0.4942. I do see that the MeasureObjectAreaShape module is version 4885 whereas the previous CP version I was using that module is 4818 so I’m going to assume this is the newer version.

Sorry to be nitpicking, I’m just making sure.

Thanks, John


Yes, you are using the correct version. I mistakenly forgot to change the version number in the help section. Thank you for pointing out this error.