Check_Required_Update_Sites Macro Error during Automation


New to Fiji and I’m following this beginner YouTube tutorial on automation.

I am running a simple analysis that splits a two-channel stack, runs some filtering, and then merges and projects max intensity. I’m using the Confocal Series in Fiji’s sample library:

Here is the code before automation processes (this works completely fine):

I added automation (like in the YouTube video) to change the code to this:

But the image only splits channels before I get this Macro error message:

Any idea why I am getting this error message? Thank you so much in advance!


Hi @Emily_Chen, gives the name of the last opened file, which in your case seems to be “Check_Required_Update_Sites.js”.

You could try to use getTitle instead. This will give the title of the active image.



It works now! Thank you so much!