`check_lables` plots slightly offset from where labelled

Hi @qsimeon, were your frames cropped? If so, could you confirm that the actual dimensions of the image with labels match the crop coordinates in the config.yaml?

I did crop my frames but for certain subset of videos, the image dimensions of the image with labels does NOT match the corresponding extracted frame (which is correct in terms of the crop coords specified in the config.yaml file). It is for this subset of videos that the plotted points/skeleton are offset. Why is that and how do I fix it?

I’ll look at it and get back to you :slight_smile:

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@qsimeon, what version of DLC are you using? You cropped the frames with the GUI option, correct? I cannot reproduce the behavior with 2.2b7 :confused:

Yes I used the GUI to crop. My version is 2.2b6.

@qsimeon, could I ask you to clone that new branch fix_check_labels and let me know if check_labels works? Now it does preserve image dimensions but I cannot tell with certainty whether this fixes the offset :slight_smile:

Will try that, thank you

Any news @qsimeon? :slight_smile: