Chart_white_balance macro not work in Imagej

I have ImageJ Win64 from Sept 8, 2016. I tried installing Chart_white_balance 1.2.1, placing and unzipping the download in my ImageJ Macros folder. Quit and reloaded ImageJ. But I cannot see the macro to run it. Any ideas? Thank you!!! Doug

Which flavor of ImageJ did you download? ImageJ 1.x? ImageJ2? Fiji?

If you are using ImageJ2 (including Fiji, which is built on ImageJ2), then:

  • Rename Chart_White_Balance.txt to Chart_White_Balance.ijm. Macros should have the .ijm extension.
  • Place the file into a subfolder of plugins/Scripts—e.g., plugins/Scripts/Image/Chart_White_Balance.ijm if you want the command to appear in ImageJ’s Image menu.