Channel viewer on secondary display returns to main display

I’m using two displays while working with QuPath on my Mac. Like to move the channel view to the secondary display to enable classification of fluorescent multispectral images. However, the channel viewer randomly decides to migrate right back to the main display. I tried switching the arrangement of the displays using system preferences but it didn’t matter, the channel viewer would migrate back to the display with the main content window. Any ideas?

I only have access to a PC, but was not able to replicate this on Win7/10 through the few things that I tested. Is there something in particular that you are doing that triggers the return to the primary monitor? Does it happen every N minutes?

I’m afraid I rarely have the luxury of working with two displays these days… or a Mac. But I will look out for this if the opportunity arises. I don’t think QuPath is doing anything very non-standard; the windows are stages in JavaFX, and the main window is the ‘owner’ of the channel viewer. Although why that would cause the jumping I don’t know.

Do you have either of the windows in full screen mode? I tend to avoid that when using any Java application on a Mac…

I’ve tried to figure out if there is something specifically that causes this to occur but I haven’t been able to narrow it down. It doesn’t appear to be related to time. Just seems like it randomly occurs when I press different selection tools.

I’ve had to expand to two monitors because of all the amazing tools you have provided for QuPath. I love the channel viewer, it makes classifying different cell phenotypes so much easier.
I’ve tried both in full screen mode as well as not and it didn’t change the issue. I will continue to monitor to see if I can determine if there is a pattern to when this happens.

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Good (for the first bit)! I think my immunologist partner likes the channel viewer more than anything else…

If you find it happens only when switching tools then that might be important. Managing this remains a battle I don’t think I’ve won, particularly since it’s quite common to press shortcut keys when the main viewer window might not be in focus (which need to be caught somehow), or to click on the viewer because you want to bring it into focus - but ideally not accidentally start drawing with the brush. I might have introduced some weirdness in my (not entirely successful) attempts to handle these situations… or it might be a JavaFX bug.

After fiddling with it today, I think I have narrowed it down to occurring anytime that I open something from a pull down menu or select a different tool on the toolbar. Doesn’t matter if I use the keystroke or the mouse to open it. Any open window (channel viewer, brightness control, script editor, detection classifier, etc) from QuPath that is open in the second monitor migrates back to the monitor that has main display. Maybe a hint that might mean something to you, if I select a drawing tool it is fine to let me try a shape but the moment I try to delete that shape or for example hover over the ‘set class’ or ‘delete’ button than the migration occurs.
Happy to share a video that demonstrates the issue.

Does this occur with the older versions of QuPath, but has only become a problem with the channel viewer? That would at least let Pete know if it was something that has changed in the new version versus something that is only a problem now that there is something useful to put on a second monitor :slight_smile:

Just tried it with version 0.1.3 and had the same results. Moved the Brightness/Contrast viewer to the second screen and used pull down menus or toolbar buttons and the viewer migrated to the first screen. There isn’t some preference I might have turned on that is causing this issue?

Random shot in the dark since I don’t have a Mac, and this isn’t related to QuPath, but maybe…

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You nailed it! Took care of the problem. Thanks so much, no need to curse at the screen anymore.:wink: