Changing position of Guide Pattern

Hi all,

I would like to ask, if there is the possibility in a live image to manually (and ideally if interactively) change the position of a guide pattern such as a crosshair under the “Overlays” tab, in the image inspector. This can be done for the scale-bar and the time stamp options, but not the guide pattern. I have no experience in java beanshell script writing and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Hi George,

Currently only the size of guide patterns can be changed, as you’ve probably seen.

However, I think it probably wouldn’t be extremely difficult to add additional adjustments to these overlays though it would involve changing the actual Java source code rather than writing a beanshell script.

If you have time to try to improve the existing code I’m sure your contribution would be appreciated. you can find a lot of information about working with the code at