Changing modules in CPCluster




I am running CellProfiler on a Windows machine (this is also where I have the MatLab license).

I was wondering: in case I only want to change a single module (let’s say add one feature to MeasureObjectAreaShape); is it somehow possible to only change and compile this one module and replace the old with the newly compiled file?
Or do I always have to compile the everything? (in fact I do not even know yet how to compile anything at all yet :wink:



I do not know of a way to selectively compile a Matlab patch without compiling the whole application. I’m not ruling it out, but I’ve never heard of it. But it only takes few minutes to compile the whole app, so it’s not a burden.

And note that to modify and compile a new Matlab executable, you’ll need the Matlab Compiler installed. Type “ver” at the matlab prompt to see what’s installed. If it’s there, use the “BuildCellProfiler” script to create the CP and/or CPCluster executables.