Changes to negative thresholds in tomography analysis

I’m analyzing tomographies and I want to set negative thresholds. Can anybody help me?

Hi @Priscila. Welcome to the forums! I don’t think your post has enough information yet for someone to help you. Can you show us more of what you’re trying to do? You might want to also include more tags to attract more notice. Good luck!


Hi @joshmoore. Thanks for answering! . I’m trying to analyze different areas in people’s CT scans. The image is in dicom and I need to select areas according to densities measured in Hounsfield, I must segment it by changing density thresholds. But the software does not allow me to predetermine thresholds in negative values in the histogram reaches only zero. What do you recommend me to place as tags? . I’m a rookie!

Sure no worries.

Alrighty. I added #dicom as a starter.

What software? It might have a tag, too.

No worries. You’ll be up to speed in no time.