Change project location and images

We need to change the computer on which we are doing the TMAs project. We try to copy the source folders to a hard disk and then paste them on the desktop of the new computer, but on the new computer it is not possible to open the project images with the modifications made.
We use the QuPath 2.0 m2 version.
Some recommendations?
Thank you.

Correct, you would either have to create a new project and copy over the qpdata files, or alter the project file itself in a text editor.
Issue here.
I admit, I’ve never actually opened one of these, so I figured I would give it a shot and…

It looks like as long as your text editor supports Find and Replace, you can change the file path to the new file path quite quickly.

Actually, that would be a good thing to add to the intro guide, so I’ll link that on in with a comment for anyone else using 0.2.0m2

Also, there is a script at the other end of that link which should allow you to convert the project to 0.2.0m3, which is then more “mobile” due to relative file paths.