Change line weight in selection

Can anyone help me here? When creating a selection I seem to be unable to change the weight of the line. I have tried Edit > Options > Line Width but that doesn’t work (although line color can be changed from there). Thank you

Double click on the line tool in the toolbar to set the line width, see:

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Thanks very much for the reply. I cannot seem to get that to work. I have tried setting the line width both before and after making the selection, but nothing seems to change. I am using the Mac version, I don’t know if this has any special considerations for this function. Thank you

Edit > Options > Line Width affects the width of drawn lines but not “live” selections (except for line selections).

You can change the width of the outline of the active selection with Edit > Selection > Properties.

If you add several ROIs to the ROI Manager you can change the stroke width of all of them at once, with the Properties button.

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Yes indeed, Edit > Selection > Properties worked! It’s a little odd though, in that same menu you have the option of giving a stroke color, default is none, and if you don’t do anything you still get the originally selected color… But the line weighting works. Thanks again!


I also have this problem recently, but I’ve found that after Edit > Options > Line Width, then Edit-Draw can change the selection width.