Change image color temperature to D65 (6503.6K)


I’ve got some pictures of samples that have been shot using a 4000K fluorescent light. Since I am analyzing the color of such images and working with CIELAB D65 I would like to change the entire image color temperature from 4000K to the CIE Standard Illuminant D65 - 6503.6K. Is there a way of doing this? I actually have a whole bunch of images I would like to transform using the least possible time.


You tagged your post with #imagej, is there a specific reason you’d like to do this with ImageJ?

Otherwise, you can have a look at this answer on stackoverflow for some inspiration how to do this in Python:

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The ij-color ( project has code for color conversion and color calibration for ImageJ. While there is no specific support for F4 illuminant (4000K). You may be able to add it. See supported illuminants here:


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