Change generic name of album

Hi all,
I’m Romain from France, I work on Sclerochronologie for age estimation.
And I start to use micro-manager.

Sample image and/or macro code



Usually, we take images of otolithes on samples look like album on micro-manager.

Analysis goals

Each image of otolithe have data associate exemple lenght of the fish…
And we need primay key (name of image) for connected a data and images.


At the moment I take images with album for the same sample but I need to change a the generic name “img_channel000_position000_time000000000_z000.tiff” to this exemple
“IBTS-010120-SOLSOL-0001.tiff next IBTS-010120-SOLSOL-0002.tiff …”

Could you help me please?

Hi Romain,

If you’re after a short-term solution, and if the mapping of your current names to desired ones is simple, there are freeware utilities that can help with some programmatic renaming with minimal effort e.g. Rename Master (for Windows, at least) -