CENTOS6 yum repo page missing

It looks like the yum repositories are missing for CENTOS6.

I am following instructions here: cellprofiler.org/linux.shtml

That points to this repo: cellprofiler.org/linux/centos6/

that gives a 404 “Page Not Found” error.

Is CENTOS6 supported?

The Makefile also fails with an unrelated error (Connecting to svn.broadinstitute.org||:443… failed: Connection timed out. ), so I’m totally stuck.


Perhaps it was just a transient server issue? Note that the page here is not expected to render in a browser( cellprofiler.org/linux/centos6) but you should be able to fetch files like this:
cellprofiler.org/linux/centos6/r … repomd.xml
Can you?


Hi – the repo page seems to be down again, at least for the last several days. http://cellprofiler.org/linux/centos6/repodata/repomd.xml returns a 404.

Same here, the instructions on cellprofiler.org/linux.html don’t work for the above described 404 reason.

Any hints?


The yum repo should be back up. Let us know if not!