CentOS6 repo baseurl forbidden


I am following instructions (cellprofiler.org/linux.shtml) to install on CentOS, but there is a problem with the repository. It is easy to reproduce with browser:



You don’t have permission to access /linux/centos6/ on this server.

Installing with cellprofiler.repo worked fine not too long ago, and it is very convenient, so please have a look if you can bring the repository back online.

Best regards,

Hi Harri,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Apparently, there was was a server problem at the Broad Institute, and it looks like our IT has resolved the problem as of this writing. Feel free to give it another try.


The URL cellprofiler.org/linux/cento … repomd.xml works.

As Mark says, there have been some web server issues this morning. Try “yum makecache” now and see if it can download the repository’s files.

Hi all,
thank you! Sorry about the late reply, I just now got to check that the repo works. For sure it was working also before, but I was still confused by the browser. Thanks for the explanation.

No problem; good to hear that it’s working for you :smiley: