Center Panel Sizing Issue

Good morning! iviewer has been amazing for our implementation and we’ve thoroughly been enjoying it, thank you so much for the work you’ve all put into it.

In our implementation, we’ve been embedding our slides on our page. I initially reached out to remove the left and right-hand panels and Will Moore gave an awesome suggestion to remove the dataset field in the URL to hide the left-hand panel. However, after some time, I began to notice that the slides in the center panel initially seem ‘smushed’ once the left-hand-panel disappears until I resize the frame or use the column splitter. I attached an example as a video below.

Is there a way to trigger a resize after the slide is completely loaded? I tried without embedding and experienced the same issue. Any help would be appreciated, I’m happy to edit any JS or CSS if that’s what’s needed. Thanks so much for your help.

Video Link

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I’ve created an issue at Image squashed when Dataset thumbnails closed · Issue #367 · ome/omero-iviewer · GitHub and hopefully will have a fix soon.


Glad to hear, thanks so much :smile:

You’re in luck. We just released a fix today: omero-iviewer/ at 2294592671bfbc3bb1fdc48775bedf2b0c4e1de7 · ome/omero-iviewer · GitHub

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Just upgraded and it’s working perfectly, thanks so much :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: