Cells distribution inside wells

Hi people,
I’m brand new with cell profiler. I just started to use it last week. I have Cell Voyager 600 images. The images are annotated with plate, well, and field name. The CP analyst gives me the total cell number per image. I would like to have the total number per well and per field as well. I’m using PBMCs and interested to study cell distribution inside the well after seeding.

Hi Ahmed -

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Hi Ahmed,

Open your CPA properties file and look at the section called (Dynamic) Groups. You’d need something like this (which you can also specify in ExportToDatabase so you don;t need to edit the properties file)

group_SQL_Well = SELECT Per_Image_Table.TableNumber, Per_Image_Table.ImageNumber, Per_Image_Table.well FROM Per_Image_Table

Hope that helps, but otherwise like Alison says, please post more info here like the pipeline file, properties file, etc.

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Hi David
Thanks for your reply. I will have a look and let know.

Hi David,
Its working. Now I have my cells number per well!