CellProlfier for Astrocyte analysis (DAB staining)


I was wondering whether anyone has used CellProfiler for an analysis of astrocytes in tissue using DAB staining. I am using ImageJ right now to count the cell bodies and then measure reactivity and it is extremely time-consuming and I am not sure how accurate it really is.

I just wanted to see if anyone has some experience with it and could give me some tips and maybe even an existing pipeline.
Many thanks in advance.


No bites so far, but feel free to post an example image or two, and your attempt at a CellProfiler pipeline if you have one. We can give a stab at it quickly.


I have built a pathway for analysing MO CELLS. They have similar cell projections to astrocytes.

Getting the identification of each cell is the tricky part so perhaps you could use that part of my pathway?


University of Queensland
MO CELLS_CELLPROFILER_100X_CP_17072015.cpproj (939 KB)