CellProfiler2.1.1 crash instantly on Windows 10

CellProfiler crashed at once when i opened it on my x64 windows 10 laptop.
Need help.


Windows 10? It isn’t out yet, right? Do you have a beta? We certainly have not tested on Win10. Any crash log would be useful for us.
Did it ever work on this computer?

You can also try deleting the registry settings, as described here, and restart CellProfiler.


Thanks for reply and the suggestion for editting the registry.i downloaded Cellprofiler 2.0 and it could be installed and ran on my Windows 10 laptop without any modification on my laptop.Now i have retreated to Windows 8.1 and CellProfiler 2.1.1 works.

OK thanks for reporting back. We’ll close this issue for now assuming that we will work on Windows 10 compatibility when it does come out officially.