I am having trouble analysing images of cells stained with WGA. Identifying primary objects becomes a challenge because the software identifies the edges of the cell separately rather than as a whole entity that way it becomes nearly impossible for me to accurately identify anything.
If anyone has experience with WGA image analysis and is willing to share their experience I would be very grateful
Thanks everyone and have a nice day!

Hi @AliNassar,

If the staining is only present on the border of the cells you’ll probably end up detecting the borders as objects if using IdentifyPrimaryObjects. Do you have a nuclear dye? If so you could identify the nuclei as primary objects and then use the WGA stain to find the rest of the cell via propagation, using the IdentifySecondaryObjects module. Alternatively, inverting the WGA channel might help you to detect cell bodies.

If you’re able to upload a sample image we may be able to help you further.

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