Cellprofiler Tracer cannot update




UPDATE: Still having same issue

I am trying to use cellprofiler Tracer. I am using the example dataset1. I launch tracer, then select the example dataset1 properties file. However, I am greeted with:

Logging level: DEBUG
[MainThread] Connecting to the database…
[MainThread] SQLite file: C:\Users\aneva\Downloads\dataset1\dataset1\Dataset1.db
[MainThread] SELECT ImageNumber FROM Per_Image GROUP BY ImageNumber
[MainThread] Connected to database: C:\Users\aneva\Downloads\dataset1\dataset1\Dataset1.db
Creating JVM object
Signalling caller
CPA was unable to check for updates. Could not import cellprofiler.utilities.check_for_updates.

I have uninstalled cellprofiler analyst, jdk, and reinstalled. Not sure how to troubleshoot from here. Suggestions? Thanks!