CellProfiler source installation doesn't run pipelines

I’m trying to get CellProfiler running from source, so that I can work further with custom plugins for it. I have managed to get the program itself running, however when I actually run a pipeline CellProfiler does nothing. CPU usage remains at zero and the pipeline’s time estimation simply climbs forever. I know that the pipeline works because I’ve used it with the 3.18 binary installed from the CellProfiler website.

When run in the from-source version, the console messages get as far as Starting workers on address tcp://, then it sits until I stop the analysis. Only when I do so do I recieve further messages such as Worker 0: Starting job - unlike the binary install, where these appear unprompted and the processing actually gets underway.

I am using the 2eea5ee commit version of CellProfiler, as this appears to be the 3.1.18 release and therefore should be the same as the binary installation.

I am also using CP 3.1.8 by building it from the source using the same commit you mentioned. I built it on Mac and Ubuntu. However, I didn’t face any such issues. I can run it on both GUI and through command line.

Thanks for the reply, I should have mentioned that I am on Windows. I have no idea where it would be going wrong, there are no errors of any kind and it isn’t locking up anywhere. The worker threads just never seem to actually get going :s