Cellprofiler segment spindle shaped cells

Hi there, can anyone help me with a pipeline to segment both the rounded and spindle shaped fibroblasts in the example images?
Image_C3 = dapi for the nuclei
Image_C2 is phalloidin for the actin cytoskeleton
Image_C1 is non-muscle myosin

With my current pipeline I am having particular trouble with the long thin spindle cells. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Fibroblast_seg_files.rar (1.1 MB)

Hi SteveBooth,

Please find the your attached pipeline with modifications. I have changed the Thresholding method for secondary objects and changed some parameters with thresholding and smoothing. This version is definetly better but hope it works for your complete dataset.

Fibroblast_segmentation.cpproj (1.2 MB)


Fujfilm Wako Automation (Consultant)