CellProfiler Run Issues

Hey folks. I’m having an issue running CellProfiler on my work desktop (it runs Windows 10 Enterprise). When I try to run CellProfiler (version 3.1.8) I get a black screen, then the following error code flashes.

I’ve deleted and reinstalled Java, and played around with the user and system variables. I’m just not sure what to do! Does anyone have any advice of what to try next? I can use CellProfiler on my laptop, but the external hard drive I store our hundreds of images on isn’t compatible with MacBook airs, so sometimes it won’t allow me to save images to it, and won’t let me make new files, which is a little annoying, so any advice is greatly appreciated!

This thread seems related; does it help at all? CellProfiler 3.1.8 won't open after installation

I’ve tried the fixes suggested in that thread, and the fixes suggested within the thread embedded in that thread haha… Maybe I’ll just delete everything and start from scratch, and see if that works. If anyone else has any suggestions though, I’m monitoring this thread closely.

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Did you try this specific .bat file as well? Seems the most promising approach to me.