Cellprofiler relate objects

Quick question,
In cell profiler, when using the relate objects module, how can I only keep the objects that have a parent or a child? For instance, I would only want to keep cells that have a vacuole, and vice versa. Additionally, once I do this, how can I export the measurements to a spreadsheet? I keep getting an error, “Feature_counts does not exist.”
yeastcellPMsegment.cpproj (581.9 KB)

Have you tried a Filter Objects module placed after the Relate module? I suspect that would do the trick though I’m not in front of a computer at the moment.

I’ll try that thanks, also would you mind if I dm you some more CP questions?

Thanks for asking, but no, our team doesn’t answer DMs because we want to focus our efforts providing info that isn’t public. There is a custom support plan for those who want personalized attention: https://cellprofiler.org/supportplan/

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