Cellprofiler plugins! Useful or not?

Hi all,
lately i was browsing github as i usually do and noticed an entire section dedicated to cellprofiler.
I decided to do a little survey and ask you the following question:

"What plugins are a must have for you?"

I think that a list of useful plugins will be really helpful to all the basic usesers.
Do you have any suggestions?

Ps. if someone has some cool plug-ins about muscle’s histologies and muscle’s cell analysis to suggest they are welcome. hahaha

Thanks for the idea, I like your enthusiasm :smiley:

We do open for “Feature request” from users, and from time to time the requested features did help improve CellProfiler.

As different users may have widely different wishes, and we won’t be able to satisfy every feature/plugin requests, users are encouraged to make plug-in themselves and integrate with us, as seen here

I already cloned the whole repository and i’m ashamed to say that i spent a whole week tinkering with it. haha
Just a question:
Are the plugin/feature organized by “last updated” or for function?
Due to the fact that i often work on histologies and confocal images i’ll try to produce something useful on it.
I’m already working on some ideas.

I don’t think they’re organized in any particular fashion at the moment.