CellProfiler pipeline cannot be imported

Hi, it is my very first post here. I am trying to use CellProfiler to segment H&E stained images. I find a post https://forum.image.sc/t/cellprofiler-for-h-e-stained-images/15853 providing a pipeline that I want to try. But the problem is while I select import the pipeline, there comes a error saying Python int too long to convert to C long. I do not really know what it really means. Can anyone help me with the problem. Thank you.

The error could be due to version mismatch, I think you still could try to open the pipeline by just dragging and dropping the pipeline into the pipeline panel (on left, where you have the modules). Or you could try an older version of CellProfiler if you have access to it.

Thank you. I try CellProfiler 2 and the problem is solved.