CellProfiler opens but does not analyze my images

Hi everyone,

I have created a pipeline that I now want to run on all of my images and I have previously used my laptop, but it’s not big enough to run all of this and keeps freezing so I started to use a different computer. But for some reason on that computer 1)CP takes forever to open 2)once it does open I can open my pipeline and do image tests just fine but when I click analyze images it looks like it is going to start the analysis but nothing ever happens. I have sat there for 20min and nothing happened so I am pretty sure it wasn’t going to. I am using a PC that is Windows 10.
Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

Hi Masha1188

So by the run commands I can see on your old computer you are running an older version of CellProfiler, i would first check to make sure all the setting still run the exact same (ie some of the adaptive thresholding has been removed in the updates) but that wouldn’t explain why runs on interactive and not batch. I have noticed that the latest CellProfiler version on PC is slower to load as it is looking for some text libraries that don’t exist anymore in windows10, so don’t be concerned about this. Your pipeline looks like it has the viewing (eye) open for many modules, are you closing these before you run batch as they take up processing power. But I think the main issue may simply be java, which default allows you only upload 200mb, but you can change this accommodate gb images. This java problem should give you an error in the run command.

I hope this helps