CellProfiler on Linux: Browsing through folders fails



Hi, I’m new to CellProfiler and run it on a linux machine (OpenSuse 10.1, Kernel 2.6.16).

When opening the Browse-Dialogue it’s not possible to browse through the folders nor specify (using the mouse) a filename to open. Whenever I try to select a directory (double click on the directory in the directory list on the left) the list jumps to the root directory where CellProfiler is installed and I can’t change the folders (neither by mouse nor using cursor/enter). The only way to select files is to type in the path manually.



My apologies for the delayed response. Our linux version is compiled on Fedora Core 4. It might be best for you to download the Developer’s version of CellProfiler and compile it specifically for the OpenSuse platform. Unfortunately, you will need to have Matlab licenses for Matlab, the Image Processing Toolbox,and the Compiler.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Alternatively, if you have figured out a way around the issue, please post your solution. We love to hear from our linux users!