CellProfiler NIH grant has been renewed!

Dear CellProfiler community,

Great news! We are pleased to announce that the NIH will continue to support CellProfiler through 2018 (R01 GM089652). We are grateful that NIH recognizes the community value of open source tools and the variety of research that widely benefits from their continued maintenance.

We thank YOU! Your enthusiastic support was fantastic: crucial factors in this grant renewal were your survey responses, letters of support, and citations in your published research (recently we surpassed 1,000 papers citing CellProfiler!)

We appreciate the NIH reviewers and program scientists evaluating the grant based on the impact of CellProfiler on the scientific community. Keep in mind that a software maintenance grant is evaluated using different criteria than a typical research grant. Here, our focus isn’t novel methods or groundbreaking discovery; rather, it’s providing a stable but adaptable application and time-proven algorithms that biologists really use.

What’s next? We’ve shaped the community input from users like you to put together our grant aims, and thus our roadmap, for the next four years:

  • Supporting large-format images and improving memory usage.

  • 3-D / time-lapse and new microscopy modalities.

  • Improved integration with other tools and with image data formats and metadata.

  • Novel methods to analyze neurons, tissue and other systems. Because these are not covered by the grant, we are looking for collaborators – people with interesting and challenging images – who want to work with us as we develop solutions and apply for funding to support this work.

Want personalized attention? Or to support CellProfiler directly? Even with this grant renewal, our team’s effort isn’t nearly covered in full. In response to requests from the community, we now offer the CellProfiler Annual Support and Training Plan – being an ASTP member provides you with some added support, but it also is a great way for you to show your support for our efforts.

The CellProfiler team