CellProfiler, mean_ÿþS parameter showing up

Hi all,
I’m writing up a CellProfiler pipeline, and keep getting an error message from the DisplayDataOnImage module. The module keeps giving an error, and one of the measurements that can be taken is : ‘mean_ÿþS’.

When trying to overlay Primary objects on an image, the module becomes buggy (see image). I have to then click on the lower dialog box (select the input objects) and open a different object, then go back, and repick the object I want.

What’s interesting is one of the values I can pick is ‘mean_ÿþS’. This same value is coming up in TrackObjects, which is throwing me a different error , ‘Error while processing TrackObjects: (Worker) ValueError: shapes (1,2) and (1,2) not aligned: 2 (dim1) != 1 (dim 0)’. I was wondering if anyone had encountered this before. It may be an issue with my build of CellProfiler. I can’t get TrackObjects to work, and thought this might be the issue, a strange parameter it’s trying to call.

Hello @tfalle34

What version of CellProfiler are you using?

I’m not so sure, but this might be because of the underlines in the names. There was a somewhat similar issue in FilterObjects, so you may want to try removing the underlines from the names.

I’m using 3.1.8. I’ve run into a couple of these quirky problems, but I honestly can’t remember how I solved this one now!

“ÿþ” tends to appear when there’s a file format error when decoding a loaded file. If you do run into this again I’d suggest trying to load it into version 3.1.9 or later.