CellProfiler Logo

Hello folks,

I am in the process of creating a poster, where I want to mention the CellProfiler software. On that account I am looking for a (very) high quality version of the CellProfiler logo. The best I could find was the 2300 x 1200 pixel “download” version, which looks fine on my 24" monitor, but pretty pixelated when printed in poster format.

Is it possible to get a vector graphic version like SVG (my favorite) of your logo?


I’m uploading a PDF which I believe is a vector-based format. The logo itself is vectorized, however the text is not.
2009_10_16cp_logo_transparent.pdf (3.36 MB)

Thank you for the PDF file. I struggle importing the logo into PowerPoint. Extracting the logo with Inkscape yields into a very strange looking SVG file. :frowning:

I can simply drag the PDF onto a powerpoint slide/poster and it will display. It looks pretty good on the posters we have produced at the resolution provided. Are you still having trouble?

Everything’s fine! Thank you for your help.