Cellprofiler Installation issues

Having trouble with a windows install. Running an updated windows 10. Following this guide:

I have updated my C++ and I have admin rights.
When I get to Environmental Variables step - User Variables window I don’t see CP_JAVA_HOME, I think this is what I am searching for? so I click new as the guide suggests.
There are two “new” boxes - I click the top User Variables one. A New User Variable box opens.
Then I click in Variable name, then click Browse File and navigate C:/Program Files/CellProfiler/java - which contains folders and files, but no CP_JAVA_HOME. I did a search for just JAVA_HOME and it found a copy in a zipped file in a folder java/lib/src. So not sure where to go from here. Thanks.

Hi @rtkothe

Strictly speaking it shouldn’t be necessary to setup the JAVA_HOME variables as of CP 4.1. To set them up the directory you mentioned is actually correct, the point is to tell the system that CP_JAVA_HOME means C:/Program Files/CellProfiler/java. Are you getting a particular error on startup?


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Thank you for your reply. It worked. I thought I had to navigate to a folder that contained a file called CP_JAVA_Home. However, in the Environmental Variables box, click New, then type CP_JAVA_Home in the Variable name and then the path C:/Program Files/CellProfiler/java as the Variable Value and it worked. Thanks

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