Cellprofiler Identify Objects once and measure in several images

my image sets look like:
img1 img2 img3 img4
They are all confocal images of the same spot but varying strongly in intensity/exposure.
I would like to identify objects once in for example img1 and measure intensity/sizeshape etc.
in all images.

Any hints/tips/help is appreciated.

It’s actually very simple (I assuming you are aware how to create a pipeline in CP):

  1. Load your images
  2. Module Identify Primary objects:
    a) Select the input image -> img1 (in your case)
  3. Mesure Object Intensity:
    a) Select an image to measure -> img1;
    b) also click “Add another image” under the drop down menu with image selection and select img2, click again for img3 and img4;
    c) Select object to measure -> your primary object;
  4. Measure Area Shape: same as a-b for intensity
  5. Save results

In the output file you’ll have columns for intensities and areashapes with “_img1”, …, “_img4” endings

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