Cellprofiler freezes when any module from "Data Tools" is added

everytime I try to add a module from “Data Tools” to my pipeline cell profiler freezes and the pipeline is lost. Modules from other categories can be added without problems until I choose “Data Tools”.
Did anyone have a similar experience?
I already uninstalled/reinstalled Java as well as CP.
I am on a Mac.
Help would be much appreciated.

Oh no, that is terrible!
The data tools are not commonly used so the only way we know there are problems are when people kindly report them. I know we checked them for CP 3.0 but probably not later releases. I will make sure it’s added to our bug tracking system.

Hm, I just tried adding several Data tools to an otherwise empty pipeline (just the input modules) and didn’t get any errors. I’m using CellProfiler 3.1.8.

Can you be more detailed about exactly which version you are using (try 3.1.8 if you weren’t already) and what steps you take / which Data Tool?

I tried all of the Data Tools and one of them caused the behavior you’re describing: Merge Output Files. It’s not possible to run that one IN the pipeline, so that is a mistake that it’s allowed to be added to the pipeline (and also obviously that it causes everything else to freeze up in the meantime!) I will report that bug.