CellProfiler for Mac and Retina display

my dream for CellProfiler would be to have something that not only runs on Mac, but also adapts to Retina displays and high-resolution screen.
So far it is so pixelly I just want to stop using it.
Will it happen one days?

By chance I read your post here. Because I’m a developer of another application I know a simple trick to make the application HighDPI aware on MacOSX.

Just open the software package after download (right-click, open package)
Add the following lines to the file Info.plist:


At the end. So the end looks like:


Store the file and restart the application.

Voila, HighDPI

Test the application if everything works fine.

I apply the same trick to my application before I finally package it.

I hope this information helps.

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Thanks for the tip.
I tried but unfortunately didn’t work for me :frowning:
Im running IOS 11.0.1

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Could someone experiencing this perhaps upload a screenshot of the ‘pixelly’ interface? Thanks

It works for me without any problems on Mac BigSur. Just tested with a download.

I think it doesn’t work for you because maybe of path randomization (just a guess).

If you download the app then add the lines before any startup it should work.

I think you could also drag your current app to another location and then drag it again to the
old location.

I had the same results after an update of my software which exchanged the *.plist. The described solution worked for me.

Here my screenshot:


And it did work!!! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for the help. My eyes :eyes: thank you.

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yes, I redownloaded it and now it works: seems like the line has already been added :smile:

Yup, we’ve released 4.0.7 today which should fix this. Thanks!