CellProfiler execution error Exit code: 255 on Mac OS X 10.9

Dear CellProfiler team,
I am currently unable to run CellProfiler on Mavericks (Mac OS X 10.9.4).
Every time I try to execute the program, it interrupts immediately with a generic ‘Cellprofiler error’ (see attachment).
The logs aren’t very helpful as they only report the following:
16/09/14 15:50:05.763 com.apple.launchd.peruser.93550546[994]: (org.cellprofiler.CellProfiler.55648[35301]) Exited with code: 255

I am currently trying with CellProfiler version 2.1.1, but it happened with less recent versions as well.
I have wx freshly installed from Python3.0-osx-

This is all the information I could gather so far. Having no other logs, I don’t know what I can try. I tried to run it from the command line, but it didn’t work either. I think I should configure the system differently in order to succeed through this way, but I’d require assistance. Do you please have any suggestion?

Thank you and best regards,

Sorry for the delay – maybe you have already fixed this.
First, does the normal, pre-compiled CP run for you? And do you need the developer’s version?
One issue I see is your wx version. We don’t use python 3.0 yet. Did you follow the steps here which link to the correct wx dmg, etc? github.com/CellProfiler/CellPro … on-for-Mac