CellProfiler Error, please help



I have a system I cannot run CellProfiler on. This is a PowerBook G4 running 10.3. I have tried previous releases of CellProfiler and running it in different locations. Any help is appreciated!

Doubleclicking CellProfiler.command results in this.

DNab422247:~ debbiechang$ /Applications/CellProfiler/CellProfiler.command; exit
name /Applications/CellProfiler/CellProfiler.command
Fatal error finding symbol mxCalcSingleSubscript_700 Error: dlcompat: Symbol “_mxCalcSingleSubscript_700” not found
[Process completed]


the Mac OS10 version of CellProfiler is compiled on 10.4. Unfortunately, it will not run on your version, 10.3.



Thank you for the reply, Martha. Can you tell me if any of the previous releases on the main website are compatible with 10.3?


To my knowledge, all of the previous releases were compiled on 10.4. If you have access to a Matlab license, you can download the developer’s version of CellProfiler. However, you may need to check with the MathWorks to find out which versions of Matlab are supported on 10.3.