CellProfiler Docker Containers


Do you provide docker images for different CellProfiler versions?
This would be extremely useful to run CellProfiler headless on linux.

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I am curious about the reply for this question.
As far as I know, its not there I guess. But it would be great if we have Docker images for CP.

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Dear @bcimini @AnneCarpenter,
Would it be possible for you to add an automatic build of a Docker container to your build release pipeline? It would be super useful to always automatically have access to a docker container for running CP on a cluster environment!
Cheers, Christian

Hi @Christian_Tischer,

Dockers for each of our past several releases are below.

Right now, we’re building them according to the instructions in our distribution repo, but as we move to an easier build process now with CP 4 we’ll probably try to set it up to build automatically.



Great! Thank you!
cc @VolkerH (who was interested as well)

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